The aim of the Granada Visiting school is to expose students to the unique present day issues arising within water management and infrastructure. Tackling this global issue from an architectural stand point, the course will encourage students to use water as a variable to design through provocative experimentation on the limits, attributes and future of this precious resource; all of which is aligned closely to the AA’s design development methodology.
Within the course schedule we will be undertaking intensive software classes, tutorials and pin-ups to constantly evaluate and evolve student concepts.
Tutors of the Granada Visiting School will teach software packages to all students however, with specic team sessions tailored on applicable software according to group design intentions. We encourage each student to learn a wide variety of media and software packages during the twelve day workshop, therefore we accept students with no previous 3D modelling experience.
Experimenting with canar and bamboo materials, 2016
Workshops include the following software:
Revit (BIM), Rhinoceros, Vray, 3D studio Max, Meteonorm, Adobe suite

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For further information on the schedule or course details please click the following link to the Course Guide