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En Español




Please note that each evening when you go to Pampaneira for dinner, you will be required to buy your breakfast, a pack lunch and plenty of water for the following day’s events.



The closest airport is:-
Granada airport
(Full name is Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén Airport, Granada, Spain. The Airport code is GRX) Please note we will be meeting for our first tour at 10am on Monday 4th of September in central Granada (at Mirador de San Cristobal, see details below). We recommend the following flight to Granada airport the night before the course commences:-
London Departure: 15:20Pm Arrive: 19:00pm (Sunday 3rd September), British Airways, from London City to Granada. Please note you will have to find your own accommodation for the Sunday night in central Granada (We can supply you with recommendations if you require).
Other airports in close proximity include:
Malaga Airport
(Full name is Aeropuerto de Málaga, Malaga, Spain. The Airport code is AGP).
Almeria Airport
(Full name is Almeria Airport, Carretera Níjar, Km. 9, 04130 Almería, Spain. The Airport code is LEI).
Both these airports may have more availability with multiple airlines and locations however please note that our first meeting time is 10 am on Monday 4th September in central Granada so you will probably need to fly the night before (on Sunday 3rd) and make sure you travel to the centre of Granada for our first tour and walk of the city commencing at 10am.
If you are traveling from Malaga/ Almeria airport we can provide you with a list of other students who will arrive from these airports so that you can organise and share transfer costs and times. It will take approximately two to three hours to drive by car or taxi to Granada (longer via bus), so please be aware of our first meeting at the Aljibe del Rey scheduled for 10am and ensure that you book your flights arriving at the appropriate time.
Once you have booked your tickets please forward your flight itinerary to:
We advise you to book your tickets sooner rather than later to ensure your seat and booking at the most reasonable price. Please also send a phone number that we can contact you on, which will be functional during your time in Spain. We would also appreciate contact details for your ‘next of kin’.
To ensure everything runs smoothly please apply for any insurance and visa requirements as soon as possible as the AA takes no responsibility for organising this on your behalf. However, we can aid by supplying you with a course confirmation letter. Please email us if you require this.


The meeting point is Mirador de San Cristobal promptly at 10am, on Monday 4th of September. We will not be able to wait for arrivals later than 10.30am due to our booking of the first Granada tour of the Aljibe del Rey, so please ensure you arrive promptly.

Full Address: Mirador de San Cristobal, Ctra. de Murcia, 47, 18010 Granada
Co-Ordinates: 37.183068, -3.596008 or 37°10’59.0″N 3°35’45.6″W

If for whatever reason you are not able to join us for the first tour in the morning (please inform the course director Sarah via email before), we also have a scheduled tour of the Alhambra for 3pm, which has the following meeting point:
plano alhambra_visita_2

Full Address: Camino Viejo del Cementerio, 27B, 18009, Granada
Co-Ordinates: 37.173201, -3.582636




This year the accommodation base will be located in Pampaneira. The course fee includes accommodation and breakfast.


Please download the following document for more information on accommodation and the base location in Pampaneira……. (to be uploaded in July/August)



A map will be uploaded below of the base location in Pampaneira……. (to be uploaded in July)


Please be aware that the morning of Friday 15th of September we will preparing early for the final presentation which will take place at the Town Hall in Pampaneira, with approximate finishing time of 12 noon, we will then have a farewell lunch together. You will then need to make arrangements for your departure from the town in the Alpujarra’s from approximately 2.30pm.



Please bring digital equipment including, but not limited to; laptops, camera (SLR if possible), adapters and chargers for all digital equipment, notepads/sketchbooks, drawing & stationary equipment, tracing paper, watch, money for food.
Bring comfortable clothes and shoes, as we will be participating in site excursions/tours. Also be advised to bring appropriate clothing and skin protective lotion as temperatures in September average 30° C.


– Third Industrial Revolution, Jeremy Rifkin, ISBN-13: 978-0230341975
– Empathic civilisation, Jeremy Rifkin, ISBN-13: 978-1585427659
– Otto, Frei (2005). Complete works: lightweight construction – natural design. Birkhäuser, ISBN 3764372311.


See a list below of just a few interesting video’s for you to watch before attending the workshop, which you can also access via our youtube channel. We have a wide variety of more in-depth documentaries for you to watch during the workshop.

– Water: Think Again
by TEDx Talks

– Agua: el alma de las Alpujarras (En Español/In Spanish)
by Alejandro Esteva

– Farming with Nature – Permaculture with Sepp Holzer
by Ecofilm

– Water is Life – The Water Retention Landscape of Tamera
by Grace Media

– Introducing FarmBot Genesis

– Nemo’s Garden
by Ocean Reef Group

– The Coming Global Water Crisis
by Vision Victory

– Patterns in Nature – Geoff Lawton
by Cambell1308

– Agricultural Water Management Solutions for Poverty Reduction – #1 Motor Pumps
by Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

– The Miracle Water Village
by Black Ticket Films

Disclaimer: Fees do not include flights. All participants travelling from abroad are responsible for securing their own travel to and from Spain. Students are also required to organise any visa required for entry to Spain, and are advised to contact their home embassy early. The AA takes no responsibility for the organisation of visas. Fees include accommodation and airport transfer (to Granada Airport). Food is each students own responsibility. Students need to bring their own laptops, digital equipment and relevant software. Please ensure this equipment is covered by your own insurance as the AA takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen at the workshop.